Xino Nero Sparkling Water

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Xino Nero has rich sources of carbonated calcium carbonate natural mineral water. The water gushing from the village springs is bottled at the local automatic bottling plant. The main characteristics of water are the clarity and the content of trace elements of calcium, potassium and magnesium minerals, necessary for the proper functioning of the human body. The natural enrichment of the sources with free carbon dioxide is due to the purity and the peculiarity of the taste of the water. Xino Nero belongs to the category of thermal springs, with research to have confirmed its beneficial effect on the liver and kidneys, while it is known to be a diuretic and helps digestion.

The Local Community of Xino Nero belongs to the Municipality of Amyntaio and is a modern settlement of 1,300 inhabitants. It is located in the NW part of Macedonia, at an altitude of 650m., 30 km SE of Florina and 5 km NW of Amyntaio. The main feature of the settlement is already stated by its name which, either in its current form, or to the one it had during the Turkish occupation (Six You), refers to the existence of natural mineral water springs of exceptional quality. The vessels and the iron tip which have been accidentally found near the modern settlement of Xino Nero are an indication for human presence in the area since antiquity. The village preserves elements of traditional architecture, of which the building of the Primary School in the square of the village where the 1910 and was used by Allied troops during World War I as a Hospital.

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