TFD Raspberry Dipping Chocolate Dripping

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Alc: 7%

If you can’t stop humming Prince’s song “Raspberry Beret” while sipping this gorgeous Raspberry Porter, no problem at all. You can’t be blamed for the lack of sexual healing going on in general… Dipping raspberries, dripping chocolate… uuh, say no more. But seriously, this is a stylish, cheeky porter with an exquisite chocolate character, lit by the fresh and sour touch of the raspberry. Wow, I tried to be serious and sour, but started sounding like Prince again. “She Was Wearing a Raspberry Beret…“


  • Taste: Dark Chocolate, Raspberries
  • Aroma: Dark Chocolate, Raspberries
  • Color: Black
  • Finish: Sour

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