Sierra Antiquo Anejo Tequila

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Sierra Antiguo Añejo – Aged in oak barrels for up to 2 years for its unique aroma.

A traditional production process, meticulous craftsmanship, 100% exquisite Agaves and a gentle double distillation in pot stills with subsequent ageing in Bourbon oak barrels ensures the intense, unique taste of Sierra Antiguo Añejo. The 100% Agave Tequila has a warm, deep golden colour, and is characterised by its aromatic, full-bodied taste. As soon as you open a bottle of Sierra Antiguo Añejo, a whole range of aromas can be noticed. Due to its special quality, its full-bodied aroma, and fruity taste profile, Sierra Antiguo Añejo is ideal for numerous drink creations.

All product benefits at a glance:

  • Made from 100% Agave
  • With hand-picked Blue Weber Agave
  • Matured in old bourbon oak casks
  • Full-bodied Agave aroma
  • Notes of vanilla, pepper & orange
  • Can be enjoyed neat or in Margarita cocktails

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