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After two years of exhaustive research and tests, SAMARAS DISTILLERY AVEE presents “CHORIS”, its new innovative Ouzo Mytilinis. A superbly crafted ouzo, “CHORIS” -which means “WITHOUT” in Greek- is the end product of 100% distillation, made without the addition of sugar or other sweeteners. The new ouzo’s competitive edge can be traced to the fact that, although we kept our ouzo’s basic raw ingredient (Lisvori anise) intact, we added no sugar: “CHORIS” is a pure distillate with its own, natural sweetness that wholesome grains give it. It is clear in appearance, with an enjoyable, robust nose, and a rather condensed body. With its ABV standing at 40%, “CHORIS” pleasantly surprises with its natural sweetness and lingering aftertaste.


It goes beautifully with bruschettas, finger food, shrimp pouches, and sushi.

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