Samara Kalesma Small Batch Cherry Liqueur

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The idea of POTOPOIIA SAMARA ABEE for the production of this new product was based on the revival of the old authentic liqueurs that were made with love and passion by the old housewives of Mytilini. This cherry liqueur was made to offer it with pride as a treat at their gatherings and especially at the first winter celebration of Agios Dimitrios.

Thus, the 4th generation of distillers of the SAMARA family, proceeded to produce KALESMA® Premium Liqueur Cherry 24% alc./vol. originating from Lesvos. Sour cherries and cherries were extracted in pure alcohol of agricultural origin together with selected Eastern spices (cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, etc.), combined with sugar syrup. The aim was to design a fashionable liqueur with a retro look. The name KALESMA®, which was given as a brand name, is related to the Greek word “kalesma” which contains the authenticity of Greek hospitality.

Bottled in just 1,336 500ml bottles for the year 2023.

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