Portobello Road Temperance 4.2%

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Our Temperance Spirit is a lower-alcohol choice for those who want to moderate their alcohol intake without losing the flavor of gin! Using the same botanicals as the Portobello Road Gin, the Temperance has a well-balanced flavor of warm botanicals, juniper and citruses. Use this spirit as a replacement for any gin cocktail for a less boozy way of enjoying a good drink.


Nose: Intensely aromatic with bold notes of juniper, cinnamon and citrus, reminiscent of gin but not entirely representative of it, a suggestion of citrus, and the mildest hint of grass and wildflowers.

Palate: Instantly weighty, with viscosity and a pleasant acidic sharpness, in the mouth the citrus, floral, and particularly the winter spice notes are more pronounced than the nose would suggest, they eventually give way to juniper and pepper.

Finish: The flavor lives long on the palate and lingers seductively in the nose, even twenty, thirty seconds after a sip is taken the flavors and characteristics bounce around the palate, as the flavor eventually subside, mouth-watering, salivating sensations persevere.

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