Paragon Timur Berry Cordial

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Collection: Pepper – Origin: Nepal

Paragon Timur Berry is made from Nepalese pepper picked from small trees from the Zanthoxylum armatum species, which grow in the wild in the Mahabharat range. With its fresh and citrus notes it is easy to see why some call it the grapefruit pepper. This little berry is used in all dishes from the Teraï lowlands of south Nepal. It is here in the birth place of Buddha, amongst the tharu villages of thatched mud huts that these thorny bushes unfold their treasure at altitudes of 2,000m.

Timur No.8


  • 30 ml PARAGON Timur Berry cordial
  • 40 ml Mataroa Mediterranean Gin
  • 5 ml Honey syrup
  • Top with Fentimans tonic water

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