Paragon Palo Santo Cordial

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Collection: Mystic – Origin: Gran Chaco

Also known as the Sacred Wood, Palo Santo is one of those plants that are sometimes confused with frankincense or myrrh. This natural wonder flourishes in the botanical oasis of the Gran Chaco in South America. Venerated for centuries by the Mayans, Incas and other ancestral peoples of Latin America, it is used as a talisman by healers and shamans to ward off evil spirits during fumigation rituals. It provides peace and serenity, elevates the spirit and attenuates negative energies.

Its aromatic profile is unique and complex, with elegant combinations of warm notes (balsamic/balsam, lactonic), wood and smoke. There are also notes of bitterness and spice, offering a singularly rich sensory experience. A combination of extraction technologies is essential to capture all this complexity. Steam distillation catches the woody notes, while molecular distillation brings out the heavier notes.

Palo Santo & Tonic


  • 20 ml Paragon Palo Santo
  • 60 ml White Port Wine
  • Top up with Fentimans Tonic

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