Paragon Labdanum Cordial

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Collection: Mystic – Origin: Spain

Labdanum, extracted from the Cistus Ladaniferus shrub in southern Spain, is a fragrant, protective resin that thrives in warm, arid conditions. Esteemed by perfumers for its captivating scent and by health professionals for its curative properties, it was a symbol of spiritual fertility among the Egyptian gods. Used as an invisible amulet, it is believed to have mediumistic abilities, a tradition inherited from the ancient Egyptians and Jewish tribes to help them connect with their spiritual selves and better face life’s challenges. A fascinating ingredient for creating cocktails.

Extremely complex, it is characterised by the rare combination of warm notes such as amber, camphor, resinous and leather, as well as sweet, liquorice and smoky notes. The combination of two extraction methods, steam distillation and solvent extraction, is essential to capture the full profile of labdanum.

Labdanum & Soda


  • 15 ml Paragon Labdanum
  • 120 ml Ros Solis Soda

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