Molinari Sambuca Extra 75th Anniversary

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A brand known all over the world with 75 years of history and an illustrator of international scope with a unique style. The limited edition of Molinari by Olimpia Zagnoli is born from the meeting of two Italian excellences.

Olimpia Zagnoli, aka OZ, is an Italian illustrator who in a few years has managed to make her style unmistakable. Her strong and distinctive trait has led her to have international success. It is not just the colorful, ironic and minimalist illustrations, OZ has a unique character, which only true icons can share. Her Italian excellence is recognized all over the world and we asked her to design the Limited Edition dedicated to our 75th anniversary.

The desire to be together and to share unforgettable moments. These are the values ​​that have always distinguished us and that inspired Olimpia Zagnoli in the reinterpretation of our iconic bottle.

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