Mataroa Mediterranean Dry Gin

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Once upon a Chamomile, from the magnificent coasts of Cyprus, there is a mighty French Lavender, delicate, yet strong, who meets with the Tears of the resilient Greek Mastic Resin in the unique south part of Chios Island. The three of them board on the same bottle and start traveling the coasts. Soon enough, a delicate Moroccan Mandarin, a joyous Spanish Orange and a sophisticated Italian Orris Root board along. In the beginning, each one wants to speak out, with the melody of its taste and smell rushing and conquering. But the gathering is yet to be complete. As the journey continues, the company broadens: gentle French Angelica Root, mystical Syrian Bay Leaf and spicy Tunisian Coriander hop on, to be soon accompanied by sparkling Egyptian Lemon Peels and earthy Croatian Juniper Berries. The smell explodes and the taste too, with the addition of the heavenly sweet Turkish Liquorice. Now, the company is complete. With its twelve one-of-a-kind passengers, the bottle sets for Greece, the land where the Mataroa blending takes place. And the savory trip of the Mataroa Mediterranean Gin begins.

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