Mataroa Happy

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Mataroa Happy is a low alcohol (11° vol.) gin-based spirit with a vivid yellow color, which can be enjoyed plain, on the rocks, but most importantly, as the excellent Signature, soon-to-be legendary Happy Spritz. Mataroa Happy is the first low-alcohol spirit worldwide infused with cannabis oil* and damiana extract**, two natural ingredients make the taste of Mataroa Happy unique, giving it a taste- you-remember twist.

*The cannabis contained in Happy is the non-psychoactive compound in cannabis plants. Non- psychoactive means that it boosts energy without provoking a high.

**Damiana flower is part of the Mexican heritage, considered a natural uplifter with aphrodisiac properties. It has a vivid yellow color and an unmistakable sweet, minty taste with a slightly woody touch.


Mataroa Happy Spritz

Mataroa Happy



Garnish: Lemon

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