Massolino Barolo DOCG Vigna Rionda Riserva

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Grape Varieties: 100% Nebbiolo

Quite simply Barolo from Serralunga is at the peak of its potential. Barolo DOCG Vigna Rionda Riserva is the wine we are proudest of.


The most prominent element in the history of our estate, Vigna Rionda is one of the most sought-after and prestigious crus in the area. This prestige goes beyond the microclimate and soil: something happens on that hill and that something gives life to Vigna Rionda Riserva, a truly unique wine.


Colour: bright garnet red.

Bouquet: reveals multiple broad and enveloping sensations, ranging from those of the early years, focused primarily on red fruits and flowers, to the more evolved sensations of brushwood, tobacco and spices that develop with age. This wine is a harmony of captivating nuances that are released and evolve slowly in the glass.

Palate: Vigna Rionda is a unique Barolo, impossible to describe in just a few lines and hard to compare with others, even those from the Serralunga area. A wine capable of complexity, longevity and structure, which come together with unparalleled elegance. A little patience is required for it to reach its full potential, which is why it stays in our cellars until its sixth year, the only wine in our range to do so when it is released as a Riserva.
We recommend decanting and serving at a temperature of 18-20°C.
An ever-evolving wine, it pairs beautifully with meat dishes, rich in intense and persistent aromas and flavours, and with mature cheeses. It is also the perfect meditation wine for those who wish to take their time to enjoy it while relaxing, appreciating its many qualities in their purest form.

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300 m above sea level

Total surface area

3 hectares

Soil composition

calcareous marly

Average age of vines

up to 50 years

First year of production


Vinification & Aging

traditional Barolo, with long fermentation and maceration in oak vats at a temperature of around 30°C; aged in large Slavonian oak barrels for up to 42 months, followed by a further 24 months in the bottle.
Notes: the soil and microclimate of this hillside allow the production of exceptionally structured and complex wines. Traditional vinification enhances the qualities of this Cru, respecting the natural predisposition for long aging, while emphasising the elegance and depth that only this vineyard can deliver.

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