Bodegas Roda Cirson

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Grape Varieties: 89% Tempranillo and 11% Graciano

Wine from selected bunches where the grapes have matured exceptionally.
In 1995 we discovered that some vines produced grapes whose flavor was very different to the one of the vines around them. They produced a sensation of fullness, of volume, with notes that were more alike to a wine than to a grape. Two years later, we made our first CIRSION, which we did not commercialize, and we tested that with short aging, the wine reached a level of incredible silkiness and a fruit complexity out of the ordinary. Each vintage we walk through the vineyards looking for this curious natural peculiarity, and that’s how, one in a thousand, the CIRSION grapes are picked.


Color: Very intense, enormous depth and almost impenetrable. Red flashes with icing tones are projected from the background.

Nose: Very complex, formed by a thousand layers almost indecipherable, but all exciting. There is a lightly smoked veil, a slight aromatic smoke of the best oak and the finest spices. Blackness in fruits with redness glows. Wetland and rain on the earth. Ripe fruits return in full splendour.

A box with fresh spices, cocoa, tobacco and a landscape of violets in the background. Enigmatic: smoke, moist earth. Small black fruits and some red, even flowers.

Palate: Voluminous, fresh, long, endless… Red fruits with very fresh red sparkles. Amazing tannin in such a young wine. Intensity and delicacy, endless freshness, silky and alive, full and caressing. Cocoa is seasoned with a delicate black fruit liqueur and notes of pink pepper. A great vintage of Cirsion, undoubtedly among the best.

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Selected bunches from different plots. Applied methods from own research and development on polymerisation of tannins and anthocyanins.


In French oak vats, with controlled temperature. Malolactic fermentation in French oak barrels.


During 8 months in 100% brand new French oak barrels.


Completely natural methods, clarification with egg whites.


– 96% Peñín
– 94% Parker
– 98% Gourmets
– 100% Proensa

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